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再見的權利/The Entitlement To Say Goodbye

學生姓名:徐佳得 / Chia-te, Hsu
指導老師:呂兆民 / Chao-Ming, Lu

「 可適應性的喪禮空間,每個人都有好好說最後一次再見的權利
     Adaptable Funeral Space,Everyone Has The Entitlement To Say Goodbye For The Last Time


 新冠肺炎(Covid-19)起源自2019年12月8日,距今已發生了一年多,在各國國家帶來大量病情且產生諸多集中死亡現象,沒有足夠空間應對此狀況的國家,發生了屍體堆放在街上、集體火化等等現象,生者與死者之間道德倫理也有所變化。 1963年,無人認領的遺骸埋葬在紐約市哈特島(Hart Island)上。這片島上公墓成為部分新冠肺炎罹難者的最後安息之地,由於這座公墓由矯正司管控,民眾未曾獲准登島拜訪所愛之人的墳墓,整體儀式的流程也僅有受刑人保持著敬意下葬。我也開始反思喪禮的珍貴性,而是否有能力還原這份感動。



     Covid-19 originated on December 8, 2019, more than a year has passed since then, in countries that have brought a large number of illnesses and a large number of concentrated deaths, there is not enough room for this situation in countries where bodies have been piled up in the streets, mass cremation and so on, and the moral ethics between the living and the dead have changed.In 1963, unclaimed remains were buried on Hart Island in New York City. The island cemetery became the final resting place for some of the victims of new crown pneumonia, and since the cemetery was controlled by the Department of Corrections, the public was not allowed to visit the graves of loved ones on the island, and the whole ceremony was carried out with respect only by the condemned. I also began to reflect on the preciousness of the funeral, and whether it is able to restore this touch.

     Taiwan funeral space has always existed facilities, the environment is old and supply of the problem, and then face the whole ritual of life and death parting like a procedure, the pattern of space and the nature of the ceremony is not closely related, emotional catharsis in today's funeral space is often not fully reflected. Banqiao Funeral Home is the main farewell venue in New Taipei City, but it has a history of 35 years, but also because of its long history, its space has not met the current demand, in the 
traffic and human action line is not safe, trying to change its problems, as an experimental funeral design base. And if people in New Taipei City want to complete the whole ceremony, they need to complete the farewell ceremony at Panqiao Funeral Home, and through 20-30 minutes drive to the Three Gorges Crematorium for burning, can complete the whole ceremony, and the government has been promoting the policy of a monistic funeral park for a long time, so try to add crematoriums at this base to make the whole ceremony more complete.

     The overall strategy is divided into two parts, from the practical solution of existing funeral facilities common problems as the goal, improve the quality of the environment space, the quality of shared environmental sites and situational transformation so that everyone can get the right to say goodbye. The whole design to vertical dynamic line as the main axis, the original parking lot vertical, make people and the car's moving line split, people who come to participate in the farewell style can take the elevator to reach the meeting venue more convenient, family members can also have more independent space; The response to the outbreak, anatomical rooms and crematoriums are also divided into general and emergency use, in crematoriums are also kept separated by glass, allowing family members to say their last goodbyes. Finally, I hope that the funeral home can no longer be afraid of space, the overall design of the use of elevation difference to create line-of-sight differences, so that people can gradually choose to watch and do not watch, and return 38% of the green space in the base, open a lot of public space, let people rest, but also let the family who came to the last section of the road feel higher space, funeral quality. 


【再見的權利/Everyone Has The Entitlement To Say Goodbye For The Last Time】

學生姓名:徐佳得 / Chia-te, Hsu

指導老師:呂兆民 / Chao-Ming, Lu 

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